Day 76: AATBS TestMASTER Practice Exam #6 Results

Ugh. Feeling utterly discouraged. I am actually performing worse than baseline on some domains, and my AATBS license expires in less than two weeks. Simply taking the practice exams is either not working, or a critical mass is still developing...

Day 63: AATBS TestMASTER Practice Exam #5 Results

After almost a month without studying, it is time to get back into the swing of things and refocus my energies toward leaping the licensure hurdle. To reignite my motivation, I took an entire practice exam in Exam Mode with the following results:

Confusing outcome. Time remains of little issue. Distractibility may remain a critical factor--I took this practice test in a coffee shop with a live musician playing amplified music.

Day 34: IO Practice Exam Score


Feeling stuck in IO-land with only a cursory introduction of Lifespan Development into the mix at this time. Fittingly, the return of my personal LPC has resulted in a severe decrease in workplace hygiene and, consequently, my job satisfaction. Thankfully, my suggestion of job enrichment possibilities has prompted my promotion, and I hope to experience some degree of relief during the workday.
Meanwhile, family-life stressors continue to serve as a moderate distractor from establishing any semblance of a study regimen, and I am introducing notecards of failed test items as a temporary solution for a pending away-from-study-mode-while-traveling scenario. I need to complete the set of notecards by Thursday morning. I will try to publish the template I have developed for creating and printing to 3x5 index cards. They look pretty spiffy.

This evening's disappointing IO practice test performance.

Day 29: Audio Overload

Listened to the AATBS IO audio CD on the way to work, and the Clinical CD on the way back. Definitely have a good grasp of the clinical content on the CD, despite what is reflected in my most recent practice exam performance. Still working toward learning the IO material, but essential have the audio CD material down. I need to work through the IO written material, and move forward with Lifespan Development.

Day 21: Clinical and IO Practice Exam Scores

Day 15: Clinical Practice Exam Results

After a two runs through the AATBS Clinical Psychology audio CD, and a cursory endeavor through the incomplete sentences review for each section in the AATBS Clinical written materials (courtesy of my fiance), I took my first run at the Clinical TestMASTER questions with Exam 2. I produced a score of 75%—head and shoulders above the initial baseline from Starbucks:

iStudy: EPPP Neuropsychology iPhone App

Ronald Bell has an iPhone (and iPod Touch/iPad) application covering the Neuropsychology domain of the exam:

iStudy: EPPP Neuropsychology is a neuropsychology study tool designed to help you study for the EPPP exam.

iStudy: EPPP Neuropsychology offers the following:

- "Test mode" which includes flash cards for common neuropsychology terms and concepts.

- "Study mode" which lets you review specific questions of your choice.

- "Report card" to help you keep track of your learning progress.

- Modes to help you review and study questions that you're struggling with most.

This app requires no network connection, allowing you to study neuropsychology anywhere.
You can get the iStudy: EPPP Neuropsychology App for US$2.99 in the iTunes Store.